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mosel-kanutours.de: your Kayak, Canoe and SUP-board Rental and Tour Service along the river moselle

Canoe station in Ernst:
You pick up the canoes yourself and enjoy with great pleasure paddling up and down a great river landscape.

Ediger-Eller - Ernst: A bit of a longer tour on one of the most beautiful parts of the Mosel.

Canoe-trip along Marienburg and Bremmer Calmont

Ernst - Treis-Karden: Fifteen unforgettable kilometers with the canoe on the moselle

Canoe Station Ediger-Eller: paddling in the calmont region

Bike and e-bike rental at our canoe-Station in Ernst: enjoy your day along the bike-routes along the river moselle

The centre of SUP-boarding on river moselle is our canoe-station in Ernst

  Telefon: 02671/5551
E-Mail: info@mosel-kanutours.de



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